Friday, July 23, 2010


I was going to write a post, but realised I didn't really have anything coherent to say, so here are some bullet points.

- I am currently mired in a combo of planning my wedding (boring!) and looking for work (even more boring!), hence my general brain-deadedness. On a side note, discovered that I don't know how to spell 'nuptials'. Wish I'd found that out before it was too late! Unbelievably, I have actually worked as a proofreader in the past.

- Registered us today for M60, the Montreal 60 second film festival. Discovered that the deadline is 2 days after the Wdg. Arg. Oh well, it'll be a fun side project to go along with all the other fun side-projects I'm working on this month.

- I am apparently very skilled at killing yeast, an organism which is generally quite difficult to kill.

- Fed up yet? You can go read our comics. So far I have contributed only ideas and not drawings, but there will be some that I drew up soon. You can point and laugh at the ineptitude.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Grotty to the max, dude!

I just discovered (whilst trying to figure out how to spell 'mould') that grotty and grody are considered to be variant spellings of the same word! I would personally disagree. I can see how they could have begun as such, I feel that by now the connotations of each have diverged sufficiently to make them two separate words. In other news, my (mediocre) ability to spell seems to have left me this evening, I keep on having to go back to correct silly typos. Thank goodness I live in the era that developed the backspace key.

I leave you with a picture of a Grody catfish, which I stole from Shannon's blog (hi Shannon!)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Duty calls, I don't answer

I just had one of these moments:

And then I took a deep breath, sat back, and closed the tab. Just because I am being exposed to vitriol on this peculiar, ephemeral yet permanent medium of the internet it does not necessarily follow that I must engage in said vitriol. It just makes me cross, and achieves nothing. Don't feed the trolls.

Monday, July 5, 2010

the vicious cycle of pee

I have this thing that happens when I get to sleep in.

So I sort of half wake up and I need to pee. But I am warm and comfy in bed, and still in a haze of sleepiness, so I don't want to get up to pee because that would wake me up. So I hold it so that I can sleep longer. I can hold it for a very long time.

So eventually it becomes ridiculously late and I have no excuse whatsoever to stay in bed. So I finally get up and pee. It is good, if little...full bodied (the pee, that is)

But then, of course, I get that UTI effect, where my bladder is pissed off at me and feels like it has to pee allllllll the time. Even when I only have like, a teaspoon of liquid in there. So I chug down as much fluid as I can possibly manage in the effort to have at least a couple of real pees, at which point I start to feel better and my bladder will behave normally again. I have emerged victorious from the bladder battle! By that point it's usually almost time to go to bed.

And so the cycle continues