Friday, July 23, 2010


I was going to write a post, but realised I didn't really have anything coherent to say, so here are some bullet points.

- I am currently mired in a combo of planning my wedding (boring!) and looking for work (even more boring!), hence my general brain-deadedness. On a side note, discovered that I don't know how to spell 'nuptials'. Wish I'd found that out before it was too late! Unbelievably, I have actually worked as a proofreader in the past.

- Registered us today for M60, the Montreal 60 second film festival. Discovered that the deadline is 2 days after the Wdg. Arg. Oh well, it'll be a fun side project to go along with all the other fun side-projects I'm working on this month.

- I am apparently very skilled at killing yeast, an organism which is generally quite difficult to kill.

- Fed up yet? You can go read our comics. So far I have contributed only ideas and not drawings, but there will be some that I drew up soon. You can point and laugh at the ineptitude.

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